La vecchia giacca

I’ve worn my jacket far too long 

It’s getting shabbier and frailer 

And so I take it to a tailor 

To see if something can be done. 

I tell him “now it’s up to you 

To remedy the situation 

The magic art of alteration 

Should make my life as good as new”. 

It was a joke, but he takes on the task 

With single minded passion 

Bringing my jacket up to fashion 

As best he can. The funny man 

He trims and sews without without a word 

With such meticulous precision 

As if upon a sacred mission to have 

My happiness restored. 

He thinks I’ll try the jacket on 

And then the clouds will part above me

And I’ll believe that you still love me… 

Well, think again. The funny man 


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